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The Church pews are always exposed to the body oils and loose surface dust which makes the pews appear shabby and dingy. Clean pews are appealing to members and essential to church maintenance. The following steps if followed properly, the pews may end up looking brand new.

1. Moisten a clean soft cotton cloth and wring out the excess liquid from the cloth so as to make it barely damp.

2. Using the damp cloth prepared in the first step, wipe the pew thoroughly to remove all the surface dust, similarly dust all the hard to reach areas of the pew.

3. Dip and dampen a bristle brush and another clean cotton cloth in mineral spirits respectively.

4. To remove the grease residue, oils and grime, rub the damp cloth over the pew and use the brush to rub all carvings and crevices.

5. Dry and buff the pew with clean microfiber and let it dry to add shine.

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