PostHeaderIcon Making a Dumbwaiter elevator


A dumbwaiter is a small elevator used to transport objects between floors instead of a shaft.


For different locations you have to use a different type of dumbwaiter. Measurement of the area for the dumbwaiter is necessary. Cut a square in the floor for the down movement of dumbwaiter .Cut a square in the ceiling of the room below for the upward movement. Select a dumbwaiter design and build the box. A simple basic design is a tray with raised sides. A strong pulley is attached to the ceiling in the area to install the dumbwaiter.

Ends of the rope or chain are attached to a metal ring. Then another rope is fixed to the ring for the dumbwaiter to travel. Fix the free end of the rope from back of the pulley to the front. Once complete drop the long rope end through the hole into the room down.

A shaft is built for the dumbwaiter. Also, a thick padding is kept at the bottom of the closet for safety in case of accidents.

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